UNIFIRE is a High-Tech Robotic Nozzle Technologies Laboratory. We make high-end professional nozzles and the world's most advanced robotic nozzle systems.

Unifire's Robotic Nozzles represent a paradigm shift in the old way of making remote control monitors and water cannons. Boasting cutting-edge, industrial robot-type brushless (BLDC) motors and state-of-the-art electronics and software, Unifire is alone in creating a whole new generation of remote controlled robotic nozzle solutions. Whether your application is firefighting, mining, water fountains, wash down, dust control or anything else requiring water control, you've come to the right place!

Our robotic nozzle systems offer unlimited flexibility to integrate into larger systems and to control peripheral devices from any type of controller you can imagine.

We custom build systems tailored to fit your needs. Built on our wide array of plug-and-play components.

We sell globally, and we support our customers globally. Need new software or features--we'll have it to you in seconds via email!

Unrivalled Features

Our robotic nozzle systems are one of a kind. Effective, elegant, precise, shiny, powerful, robust, yet sleek, and ... oh yeah, fun!

Check a few of the many features our robotic nozzle systems offer:
  • Control by Phone, Tablet, PC--wirelessly, with Unifire InterAct!
  • Fully Automatic Capabilities with Flame Detectors, Infrared Cameras, Radar, etc.
  • Industrial Robotic Brushless DC Motors (BLDC)
  • Laser-welded IP68 Motor Enclosures
  • Quick, Fully-Sealed (IP67) M12 Multi-connectors
  • Position Feedback with Accuracy Better Than 1/50°
  • Up to 38°/Second Rotation Speed
  • Over 360° Horizontal Movement (set by software)
  • Over 180° Vertical Movement (set by software)
  • Fully Integrated Worm Gears
  • Multiple Protocols, including CANbus, MODbus, DMX & others
  • Polished Stainless Steel 316L Chassis Construction
  • As Close to Maintenance-Free as You Can Get
  • 10,000 Hour Expected Motor Life
  • InterAct Graphical User Interface from Anywhere in the World
  • Outrageous Controller Options (including Wi-Fi!)
  • Numerous Digital & Analogue Inputs & Outputs for Control of System Peripherals
  • Built-in User Interface - Personalize & Update
  • USB Software and Firmware Upgrades--Just Plug It In!
  • and so many more...

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At Unifire, we think for ourselves. We think differently. We are passionate about technology. We play with possibilities and explore cutting-edge technology to attain the very best solutions feasible. Our passion results in products that are the most effective, elegant, graceful, and technologically-advanced on the market. Welcome to Unifire!


Call us now at +46 303 248 403 or send us an email and we'll call you right back!