Since 1969, Unifire has designed and produced what we, and many others, consider to be the highest quality nozzles on the market.

We are driven by our passion for elegance in design, attention to details, and insistence on maximum performance above all else.

Unifire’s professional handheld nozzles, manually-operated monitors, and our line of advanced robotic nozzle systems are used in many industries for a wide range of purposes.

Below are just some of the many popular industries we proudly serve.

Municipal Firefighting

Unifire offers a wide range of professional, handheld nozzles and water/foam monitors for municipal firefighting.

Mining & Washdown

Unifire’s stainless steel robotic nozzles serve a wide range of mining, wash-down & dust control applications in severe environments.

Autonomous Systems

Learn about our wide range of professional fire fighting solutions by clicking the image above.


Unifire offers high-velocity movement & DMX protocol for simple program-ming & coordination of networks of Unifire’s robotic nozzles for fountains.

Riot Control

Water cannons provide effective, yet humane, non-lethal protection of life and property for police special vehicles within the European Union.


Unifire’s water cannon technology provides effective, yet humane, non-lethal protection of life and property from pirate attacks at sea.

Yachts & Ships

Unifire’s professional fire fighting nozzles protect life and property on ships around the world.


Unifire’s Force robotic nozzles offer unparalleled fire protection of helicopter landing pads / helidecks. Remote control options & automatic fire detection and suppression.


Airports around the world are equipped with Unifire’s Force water/foam robotic nozzles for Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting.

And many more …

These are just a few of the scores of uses of Unifire’s products. Chances are that if you have a need to accurately control a large volume of fluid, we have a solution for you.