Mining Conveyor Belt Cleaning Robotic Nozzles

Unifire's Unique Solution for Cleaning Conveyor Belts and Similar Applications

Unifire offers an unparalleled solution for cleaning and wash-down of conveyor belts and similar machinery.

Our system is simple to use, is wirelessly controlled and programmed from your phone, tablet or computer, and is of the highest quality, heavy-duty construction for the toughest and dirtiest of applications.

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Full Control from Your Tablet, Phone or Computer!

Unifire’s automatic conveyor belt cleaning nozzle system is a unique solution developed by Unifire specifically for mining operations.

The system provides simple, wireless remote control and easy-to-program automatic functionality, speed and timing.

Made of the highest quality nozzles, gears and electronics–all designed by Unifire AB of Sweden, and manufactured in Sweden and Denmark at state-of-the-art ISO Certified facilities, and made for long-life, reliable operation in the harshest of conditions.

Nozzle Overview

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